Our mission is to provide high quality services & use high quality products so your hair looks & feels beautiful. One of the ways we do that is by not carrying products that contain ammonia or formaldehyde.

What this does for you:

  • no more stinging, itchy, or irritated scalp

  • Our colour keeps integrity of hair so that the fabric ( the hair) is healthier & therefore our guests see less fading & much richer, longer lasting colour with incredible shine.

  • due to longer lasting color this equates to a better value & enjoyment of your colour

  • For guests who enjoy changing their look more often, the opportunity to do so has increased. Since the cuticle is returned to natural position, the hair has more luster, and looks more natural.

  • no unpleasant chemical smells with the services being performed.

What does this mean for the hairdresser performing your service?

  • It allows the hairdresser to colour your hair without the corrosive effects of ammonia & this leaves us with a better quality fabric allowing our colour to last longer, give more shine without sacrificing your health (skin, lungs, eyes, nose & throat issues)

  • being that we as artists are healthier we are able to be present with fewer sick days

  • clean air (who wouldn’t want that?)