Why "The Vault Hair Lounge" chose clean, green & sustainable.....It all started with Angela, one of the owners being diagnosed with agenetic disorder that does not allow her body to detox. As a hairstylist since 1996, she thought..."I love what I do but, need to be smarter about how I do it." She found Nicole, who shared her vision. Together theywanted a clean environment free from toxins like; sulfates, ammonia hydroxide, formaldehyde, & aldehydes that simulate formaldehyde. Opening that door has inspired them to further research what they and the guests salons are coming in contact with while receiving (what is supposed to be pleasant and pampering) service. At the beginning of their journey there were quite a few questions such as:

  1. Does Organic and sustainable mean more expensive? We are proud to say we have been able to keep our prices close to the same, so far it has only slightly influenced our cost.
  2. Maybe it won't work as well? After doing hair collectively for over 30 years,  we are pleased to say that personally, and along with our co workers, found the organic bleach and ammonia free lightners and colors to work better and have more gray coverage than the brands we used previously.

What does this do for you the guest?

  • no more stinging, itchy, or irritated scalp
  • no more hot roots
  • Our colour keeps integrity of hair so that the fabric ( the hair) is healthier &  therefore our guests see less fading & much richer, longer lasting colours with incredible shine.
  • due to longer lasting color this equates to a better value & enjoyment of your colour
  • hair looks & feels more like natural hair (not covered with synthetics and plastics)
  • For guests who enjoy changing their look more often, the opportunity to do so has increased. Since the cuticle is returned to natural position, the hair has more luster,  and looks more natural.
  • no unpleasant chemical smells with the services being performed.

What does this mean for the hairdresser performing your service?

  • It allows the hairdresser to colour your hair without the corrosive effects of ammonia and this leaves us with a better quality fabric allowing our colours to last longer, give more shinewithout sacrificing your health (skin, lungs, eyes, nose and throat issues)
  • being that we as artists are healthier we are able to be present with fewer sick days
  • clean air (who would not want that?)

We still have a long way to go on our journey, however we will always be moving forward & bettering our environment with not only beautiful hair but in keeping our surroundings around us beautiful.   Thank you to Davines A new color, Organic Color Systems & Surface for all your research which allows us to have awesome products to work with!